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DVI is also known as Digital Video Interface. It is a connector in the video that develops the images displayed on projectors like LCDs. Digital Video Interface is designed by Digital Display Working Group or DDWG, intended at maximizing the quality of picture of display devices like LCD screens and digital projectors.

When CRT is still in trend, Video Graphics Array or VRG was utilized, and is still utilized. This technology acts by transmitting every horizontal line of the graphic or image. The output of the voltage is different to reproduce the different brightness levels.

DVI acts so differently from Video Graphics Array. The brightness level of every pixel is sent out into a code in a binary form. Not making use of analog signals, there is no distraction or noise. The data format is of Panel Serial. This format utilizes Transition Minimized Differential Signaling or TMDS.

Every link of Digital Video Interface has 4 pairs of cables that are twisted. These cables allow a transmission of twenty-four bits every pixel. A link gives a highest resolution of 2.6 mega pixels for 60 Hertz. A DVI/HDTV Connector can be utilized to connect another link should a higher resolution be needed. The truth is, the same DVI/HDTV Connector can use analog and digital transmissions. DVI/HDTV Connector can be categorized into:

  • DVI Analog
  • DVI Digital
  • DVI Analog and Digital
On the contrary, open LDVS and LDI are based on digital tech, exclusively. These are the main competitors of DVI as well.

Digital Video Interface is a helpful technology that you could find in the video cards on your computers, in CD players, etc. The enhanced technology of this one is well-matched with a high-bandwidth and could display graphics or images easily. This innovative technology is booming with quality and effortlessness of usage, the most essential factors in the world nowadays.

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