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Biography #2

Grace Zabriskie's impressive list of screen credits includes Angelica Huston's directorial debut Bastard Out of Carolina, A Family Thing, The Waterdance, Fried Green Tomatoes, My Own Private Idaho, Wild at Heart, Drugstore Cowboy, The Big Easy, An Officer and a Gentleman and Norma Rae.

On television she was a series regular on the cult favorite Twin Peaks. Zabriskie's roles in television movies and guest starring credits on sitcoms and episodics are extensive. She appeared on Dharma & Greg, NYPD Blue, Jesse, Seinfeld, Hill Street Blues and Moonlighting, to name a few. Roles in telefilms include TNT's Houdini, The Executioner's Song, My Father, My Son, The Ryan White Story, A Deadly Silence, The Burning Bed, East of Eden, Blinded by the Light and many more.

A silk-screen printmaker in Atlanta before she moved to Hollywood to pursue acting, Zabriskie is a well-respected, multitalented artist whose paintings, sculptures and woodwork are frequently on exhibition in Los Angeles galleries.

Bio courtesy Touchstone (01-Jan-2000)