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Biography #2

Della Reese (born Delloreese Patricia Early on July 6, 1931 in Detroit, Michigan), is a famous African American actress.

Reese, a Christian, began singing at the age of six. She would later join famous gospel singer Mahalia Jackson. She later forned a band named Meditation Singers.

In 1983, she married Thomas Lett Jr., to whom she is still married. In 1987, she was nominated for an Emmy as a gospel singer.

In 1969, she was given her first shot at television stardom, when she starred on the Della show, hosting the program.

In 1973, she had her first acting experience, in The Voyage of the Yes, as Opal. Four more acting jobs preceded her participation in Chico and the Man. where she played Della Rogers from 1976 to 1978. In 1979, she played Ms. Lydia Branch in the critically acclaimed series Roots: The Next Generations.

Reese did voice overs from 1988 to 1991 in the A Pup Named Scooby Doo television cartoon. In 1989, she starred alongside Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall and Robin Givens in the Harlem Nights movie, playing Vera.

In 1994, she began participating in the television hit Touched by an Angel, where she plays Tess. Her participation in this series has given her popularity among the younger audiences as well. She has had a number of other acting jobs since that series began.

Della Reese announced, at the Larry King show in 2002, that she suffers from Type-2 Diabetes. She is a spokeswoman of the American Diabetes Association, travelling around the United States to raise awareness about the disease.

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