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Biography #2 (for Race to Space)

Annabeth Gish has appeared in a variety of films and television projects over the past fifteen years. Regardless of the project, Gish brings a subtlety, an earnestness to her performances which comes from years of experience, as well as the careful selection of memorable roles of intelligent women.

Even early in her film career as 1988's Mystic Pizza, in which Gish starred alongside then unknowns Julia Roberts and Lili Taylor, Gish was demonstrating a maturity in her performances unusual for a nineteen-year-old. Gish has since gone on to appear in Oliver Stone's Nixon and more recently, in the box office hit Double Jeopardy which starred Ashley Judd and Tommy Lee Jones. Other film credits include S.L.C. Punk! Beautiful Girls, Steel, The Last Supper, Wyatt Earp, Shag and Hiding Out.

Television credits include appearances on the series Chicago Hope and Scarlett, as well as performances in such television movies as Sealed With A Kiss, Different, To Live Again, Don't Look Back, What Love Sees, The Last To Go and When He's Not A Stranger.

Gish will soon be seen in the upcoming Buying the Cow with Bill Bellamy and Alyssa Milano.

Bio courtesy Lionsgate Films for "Race to Space" (08-Nov-2002)