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Biography #2 (for Everything Is Illuminated)

Widely regarded as one of the most gifted actors of his generation, Elijah Wood continues to challenge himself with roles in films spanning the spectrum of style and genre.

Prior to his starring role in Everything is Illuminated, Wood was last seen in the highly anticipated Sin City. Based on Frank Miller's graphic novel and co-directed by Robert Rodriguez and Miller, Sin City follows the events in a violent city where the police department is as corrupt as the streets are deadly. The film also stars Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Benecio Del Toro, Rosario Dawson and Clive Owen.

Also due for release is the independent film Green Street. Set in London, Wood stars as a college student who is wrongfully expelled from Harvard. He moves to London and trouble ensues when he befriends soccer hooligans. Lexi Alexander is directing.

Also in post production is the animated feature Happy Feet. Wood provides the voice for 'Mumble,' a young, musically talented penguin in Antarctica who has many adventures - which he tells of through song and dance. Brittany Murphy and Robin Williams co-star.

Wood was last seen in Focus Features' critically acclaimed Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind. Written by Charlie Kaufman with Michel Gondry and directed by Gondry, the film stars Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet as two lovers who make the ill-fated choice to erase one another from their lives. Wood co-stars as part of the team employed to do so (along with Mark Ruffalo, Kirsten Dunst and Tom Wilkinson).

Wood made an indelible mark in the trilogy of films based on J.R.R. Tolkein's The Lord of the Rings in the lead role of the hobbit, 'Frodo Baggins.' Directed by Peter Jackson, the films; The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and Return of the King were all critically lauded as well as being box office record setters. In addition, Return of the King won the Academy Award for Best Picture as well as 11 Academy Awards in all, tying Titanic for the record. The series of films also starred Viggo Mortensen, Cate Blanchett, Ian McKellan, and Sean Astin.

Other recent film credits include Ang Lee's film The Ice Storm with Christina Ricci, and Tobey Maguire, Martin Duffy's independent film The Bumblebee Flies Away opposite Rachel Leigh Cook and Janeane Garofalo, Jeffrey Porter's Try Seventeen with Franka Potente and Mandy Moore, Ash Wednesday opposite Ed Burns, James Toback's Black and White, The Faculty written by Kevin Williamson and directed by Robert Rodriguez and Mimi Leder's Deep Impact. In addition, Wood lent his voice to one of Miramax's first animated films, The Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina, voicing opposite Jennifer Love Hewitt's 'Thumbelina.'

Additional film credits include Alan Shapiro's Flipper with Paul Hogan, Pontus Lowenhielm and Patrik Von Krusenstjerna's Chain of Fools opposite Salma Hayek, Steve Zahn and Jeff Golblum, Jon Avnet's The War opposite

Kevin Costner, Rob Reiner's North with Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, Joe Ruben's The Good Son opposite Macauley Culkin, Stephen Sommers' Huck Finn, Steve Miner's Forever Young with Mel Gibson, Mary Agnes Donohue's Paradise, Richard Donner's Radio Flyer with Lorraine Bracco, Barry Levinson's Avalon opposite Armin Mueller-Stahl and Aidan Quinn, and Mike Figgis' Internal Affairs with Richard Gere.

On television, Wood recently appeared on ABC in Tony Bill's Oliver Twist. The Disney production starred Wood in the 'Artful Dodger' role opposite Richard Dreyfuss' 'Fagin.' Other television credits include the NBC telefilm, Dayo, and the CBS movie, Child in the Night.

Wood was named 1994's Young Star of the Year by NATO/ShowEast following his performance in The War.

Bio courtesy Warner Independent for "Everything Is Illuminated" (16-Oct-2005)

Biography #3

Elijah Wood has amassed a wide-ranging list of credits and has distinguished himself with performances of great depth.

He made his film debut in Mike Figgis' Internal Affairs, then appeared in Barry Levinson's Avalon. He brought emotional resonance to his part in Richard Donner's Radio Flyer and shone in Jon Avnet's The War.

Wood also starred in Deep Impact for Mimi Leder, The Ice Storm for Ang Lee, Rob Reiner's North and in Flipper.

Additional credits include Forever Young, Paradise, Huck Finn, The Good Son and Oliver Twist. Wood was also seen in The Faculty from Robert Rodriguez and will next be seen in The Bumblebee Flies Away.

Bio courtesy Sony Pictures Entertainment (15-May-2002)