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Stephen Rea Quotes

19 quotations by Stephen Rea

QuoteWith Field Day, we'd often play places where they hadn't seen professional actors in 30 years. Everyone in the community would come and see you.Quote

QuoteThe End of the Affair is a good movie because it about things, things that really matter. Love, sex, death. Have you ever seen romance?Quote

QuoteThe Butcher Boy is a very great novel indeed and a very important Irish novel. The ambiguity of that is, he's writing a book about an appalling situation and he does it in a hilarious way.Quote

QuoteThat was the beginning of modern acting for me. You don't have to tell a camera everything. It gets bored if you do and wants to look elsewhere.Quote

QuotePeople often refer to my career before The Crying Game as something which led up to that point. But I was very fulfilled in what I was doing.Quote

QuotePeople ask me to smile for the camera, but somehow it always comes out gloomy.Quote

QuoteMy kids act all the time and it's exactly what I used to do.Quote

QuoteI've never been in a bad play. There might have been bad productions and I might have been bad in them, but I've never been in a play that wasn't interesting or worthwhile doing on some level.Quote

QuoteI've been worked over by the English press because there's an assumption that my politics are identical with my wife's, and for that matter that my wife's politics are identical with her politics of 20 years ago.Quote

QuoteI'm enjoying it, but I still don't know why I'm hooked on acting.Quote

QuoteI think great art is always ambiguous and can't be pinned down.Quote

QuoteI have never been to a brothel. I don't think I could go into one.Quote

QuoteI don't feel ashamed of my wife's political background, and I don't think she should either. I feel that the people who administered the North of Ireland for the last 20 years should be ashamed. There you are.Quote

QuoteI didn't want to be seen as just a guy on a list. I'm interested in good scripts, scripts that are about something, scripts that move your acting along.Quote

QuoteI believe some people in this business suffer from fame because they behave in a famous fashion.Quote

QuoteAngel was the first Irish feature film. Neil's first movie and my first movie.Quote

QuoteAnd I remember being knocked out by The Butcher Boy. My first experience of it was in New York when Patrick McCabe read extracts from it.Quote

QuoteActors, the good actors, always want to talk about what they're doing, always want to give other people space to do what they're doing.Quote

QuoteActing is way of making yourself exist.Quote