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Sheryl Lee Quotes

15 quotations by Sheryl Lee

QuoteYou always hear actresses talk about how unromantic it is to act a love scene or a sex scene - which it is. You're doing it with all these lights on and cameras flying around and people on the set.Quote

QuoteThe more we deny that we have a dark side, the more power it has over us.Quote

QuoteMy biggest fear in life is fear.Quote

QuoteIt's still difficult for me to watch my work.Quote

QuoteIt's awkward: Here you are with most of your clothes off in bed with this person who you've really just met. You're strangers to each other's bodies and you're coming together for the first time in front of all these people.Quote

QuoteIf something scares me, then I have to do it.Quote

QuoteI was in Seattle and I wanted nothing more than to act, but I was so terrified of it that I couldn't even get myself to an audition. It was miserable.Quote

QuoteI remembered their songs but I had never owned a Beatles album.Quote

QuoteI never really thought of Laura as sexual because she's a victim of abuse. Sex and love have completely different meanings for her.Quote

QuoteI just turned 30 so I got really introspective as you do, questioning my life. And when I stopped and sort of looked back at the past decade, I realized I had done more work than I thought I had done.Quote

QuoteI just found out last week - my sister told me - that my father had some Beatles records. So I must have heard them quite a bit, but it never registered, really. Now I listen to them with new ears.Quote

QuoteI highly recommend tantric sex workshops.Quote

QuoteI grew up in Colorado - went back there, tried to heal myself and grow and learn, then got a call that David Lynch wanted me to fly back to Seattle so he could meet me for Twin Peaks.Quote

QuoteEvery actress has a line she'll draw, where she'll say, This I will do and this I won't. For me, everything has to be important to the story and the director has to be able to tell me why.Quote

QuoteApparently I'm the most naked that anyone's been on TNT. My poor mother. I'm ready to run away.Quote