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David Veloz

David Veloz was born in Los Angeles and graduated from the USC Film School in 1991, where he subsequently taught screenwriting. His first feature film writing credit was in 1994 on Oliver Stone's controversial Natural Born Killers, which examined the media and America's infatuation with a serial killer couple. (Veloz shared the screenwriting credit with Stone and Richard Rutowski.)

"I saw the violence in 'Natural Born Killers~ as comical or surreal, what many people called 'MTV on drugs,' Veloz observes. For me, focusing on the evil and the violence of those characters was like examining the landscape of the darker side of man's nature, taking a look at the harsher side of society. I didn't just delve into evil and violence, but I also made the story more romantic."

Veloz found many of the same elements in Jerry Stahl's autobiographical book, Permanent Midnight, which was published in 1995. The property was brought to his attention by producers Jane Hamsher and Don Murphy, with whom he had collaborated on Natural Born Killers. Veloz makes his feature film directorial debut with PERMANENT MIDNIGHT.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2002.

David Veloz Facts

OccupationDirector, Screenwriter

Selected Filmography

Permanent Midnight
Indie Collector's Pack: Pi, Permanent Midnight
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