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Biography #2 (for Tears of the Sun)

Filmmaker Antoine Fuqua has established himself as one of the foremost talents of his generation. Through his diverse body of work, he has achieved his goal of making highly stylized films that resonate thematically and personally with audiences.

Fuqua confirmed his place as a young director of unique vision and craft with the release of Warner Bros.' Training Day. Shot entirely on location in Los Angeles, Training Day chronicles one brutal day in the life of a corrupt cop (Denzel Washington, who won an Academy Award for his performance) and his earnest young trainee (Ethan Hawke, who was also nominated for an Academy Award). Intense, powerful and visually dynamic, Training Day shines an uncompromising light on the urban drug underworld.

Never content to remain idle, Fuqua is currently in pre-production on the Jerry Bruckheimer production King Arthur for Disney. The feature, which will bring the legendary historical figure to the big screen, begins production this summer in Ireland. Fuqua is also set to produce Family Reunion with his wife Lela Rochon (Waiting to Exhale, Any Given Sunday) and Darryl Quarles for Warner Bros. Rochon will star in the film, which explores relationships within black families. Additionally, he is working on Bloods for Castle Rock, adapted from Wally Terry's novel that explores the Vietnam experience of black soldiers who died in record numbers during America's first fully integrated war. Fuqua recently announced an exclusive deal to produce and direct new projects for Universal Television, and he is also executive producing a television pilot for ABC.

Fuqua revealed an impressive stylistic flair with his debut film, Columbia Pictures' The Replacement Killers, featuring international action star Chow Yun Fat and Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino. The Replacement Killers was followed by Warner Bros.' comedic thriller Bait starring Jamie Foxx and David Morse.

A native of Pittsburgh, Fuqua studied engineering at West Virginia University before moving to New York in 1987 to direct music videos. After forming his own production company, Reel Power, he directed his debut short Exit.

Before long, Fuqua's visual and narrative sensibility made him one of the industry's most sought after music video and commercial directors. His credits include television commercials for Miller Genuine Draft, Reebok, Toyota and Sprite, and music videos for a wide array of artists including Arrested Development, Prince, Stevie Wonder and Toni Braxton. Fuqua won an MTV Award for Best Rap Video and two prestigious Music Video Production honors (The Young Generators Award and The Sinclair Tenenbaum Olesiuk and Emanual Award) for his video for Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise.

Fuqua currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife, actress Lela Rochon Fuqua and baby daughter, Asia Rochon. And Fuqua enjoys frequent quality time with son Zachary Fuqua.

Bio courtesy Columbia Pictures for "Tears of the Sun" (09-Mar-2003)