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David Marconi
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David Marconi

David Marconi wrote and directed the upcoming film Kaleidoscope, a gritty geopolitical thriller set in present day Europe. Inspired by true-life events, Marconi describes the film as "a character-driven love story told against the background of political intrigue."

A native of Highland Park, Illinois, Marconi was passionate about film making from an early age. After winning several high-school film making competitions, Marconi was awarded an alumni merit scholarship to attend the University of Southern California's film school. Upon graduation, he landed his first job as Francis Ford Coppola's assistant on The Outsiders. Following that, Coppola promoted Marconi to production supervisor/2nd unit on Rumble Fish.

In 1993, Marconi wrote and directed his first feature, The Harvest, a visually detailed stylish noir starring Miguel Ferrer and Leilani Sarelle. Shortly thereafter, Simpson/Bruckheimer commissioned Marconi to write his original screenplay Enemy of the State starring Will Smith and Gene Hackman. A high-tech thriller dealing with privacy issues, the film grossed over 250 million dollars worldwide. On the heels of Enemy of the State, Marconi redeveloped Jerry Bruckheimer's television series Soldier of Fortune.

Marconi has co-authored with Flint Dille three serialized novels: Agent 13, The Midnight Avenger, Agent 13 and the Serpentine Assassins and Agent 13 and the Acolytes of Darkness, all from Random House. An action-adventure series set in the 30's, the stories deal with a secret society manipulating the events leading up to the Second World War, and the one man, Agent Thirteen, who tries to foil their plans.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2007.

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