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Biography #2

Steven Paul started in show business at the age of seven by appearing in many television commercials. At the age of twelve, he had appeared on Broadway in Kurt Vonnegut's play Happy Birthday, Wanda June. He was declared the youngest playwright in The New Yorker, having written a full-length theater piece. When he was 20 years old, he wrote, produced, directed and starred in Falling in Love Again with Susannah York, Elliot Gould and Michelle Pfeiffer in her first feature film.

Paul's next accomplishment came at age 22, when he wrote, produced and directed Slapstick, based upon Vonnegut's novel of the same name and starring Jerry Lewis, Marty Feldman and Madeline Kahn. He blended his experience of writing, producing and directing both television and feature-length motion pictures by starting the company Crystal Sky Communications with his father Hank Paul. Since the foundation of the company, some of the films he has produced include illusions, The Double 0 Kid, Bitter Harvest, A Million to Juan, Eternity, Hail Caesar, Hourglass, Charlie 's Ghost Story, The Tin Soldier, Exit in Red, Krago '5 Island, The Modern Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Murder in a Small Town and Huck and the King of Hearts.

updated 31-Aug-2002