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Yahoo Serious

Yahoo Serious, originally known as Greg Pead (name-change by deed poll in 1980), is an Australian film maker. He is best known for his 1988 comedy, Young Einstein. He also created Reckless Kelly in 1993 and Mr. Accident in 2000. Serious writes, directs, produces, and stars in all his own movies.

Yahoo Serious was born in Hunter Valley, New South Wales in Australia. He went to Cardiff Public High School, then worked as a tyre fitter to pay his tuition at the National Art School in Sydney. After being expelled, Serious wrote, produced, and directed his first film, a documentary called Coaltown which explored the social and political history of coal mining, when he was 21. The following year, his television series Lifestyle won the Australian Penguin Award for Best Educational Documentary.

In 1988, Yahoo Serious wrote, produced, and directed Young Einstein, an intentionally inaccurate movie portraying Albert Einstein as a young farmer in Tasmania who discovers rock music, surfing, romances Marie Curie and derives the formula E=mc2 while trying to discover a means of creating beer bubbles. The movie was an international hit, grossing over $100 million, and propelling Serious to stardom.

In 1993, Yahoo Serious released his next film, Reckless Kelly, a satire about a modern descendent of the notorious Australian bank robber Ned Kelly who also becomes a movie star in Hollywood. While Reckless Kelly was a hit in Australia, it failed outside of the country and ended Serious' bid for mainstream popularity. In 2000, Yahoo Serious released his third film Mr. Accident, about the most accident-prone man in the world. Like Reckless Kelly, the film was not a commercial success, but has a cult following.

Also in August of 2000, Yahoo Serious tried to sue the search engine Yahoo! for trademark infringement. The case was quickly thrown out because Serious could not prove that he sells products or services under the name Yahoo, and therefore could not prove that he suffered harm or confusion due to the search engine.

Yahoo Serious received an honorary doctorate from the University of Newcastle, where he originally failed to get his diploma.

Yahoo Serious is currently working on an epic World War Two movie drama about how an overwhelmingly outnumbered and outgunned ragged bunch of Australian soldiers fought a fierce battle as part of the Kokoda Track Campaign which stopped the Japanese invasion of Australia; it is scheduled for filming in 2006.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2006.

Yahoo Serious Facts

Birth NameGreg Pead
BirthdayJuly 27, 1953 (68)
BirthplaceHunter Valley, NSW, Australia

Selected Filmography

Young Einstein
Reckless Kelly
Mr. Accident
Mr. Accident by Yahoo Serious
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