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Biography #2 (for A Sound of Thunder)

Peter Hyams brings to the screen a background hued with music, painting and news. The veteran filmmaker has served as director, cinematographer, writer and producer on numerous films throughout his distinguished career. His films are noted for their lush cinematography, riveting action and sensitivity to light and rhythm. His filmography spans a broad spectrum of genres from action adventure to comedy; sci-fi thriller to satire.

Among his numerous credits are the futuristic adventure Timecop, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and the apocalyptic thriller End of Days, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gabriel Byrne.

Hyams launched into feature films in the early 1970s by writing and producing T.R. Baskin, which starred Candice Bergen as a girl having her first fling with big city life. His directorial debut was well received with the ABC television movies The Rolling Man and the period detective piece, Goodnight My Love. Hyams' first theatrical feature as a director was Busting, about two rogue L.A. cops, starring Robert Blake and Elliott Gould.

Among his numerous feature film credits are Our Time, which he directed, and Telefon, a slick spy thriller based on a Walter Wager novel for which Hyams co-wrote the screenplay. Hyams' political sci-fi thriller Capricorn One, starring James Brolin, O.J. Simpson, and Elliott Gould, was lauded for its innovation and wit. He also wrote and directed Hanover Street, starring Harrison Ford and the futuristic cop tale, Outland, starring Sean Connery. Hyams teamed with Connery again on the thriller The Presidio.

Hyams directed The Star Chamber, starring Michael Douglas; 2010, the sequel to Stanley Kubrick's 2001, which Hyams not only wrote and photographed but also directed and produced. He wrote the buddy comedy Running Scared, starring Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines; wrote, directed and photographed the suspenseful thriller Narrow Margin, a remake of the 1950s classic, starring Gene Hackman and Anne Archer; and shifted into satire with Stay Tuned, a spoof on cable television.

Timecop, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, garnered high marks for direction, cinematography and visual effects simulating time travel. Hyams later re-teamed with Van Damme for Sudden Death. He also helmed the horror tale The Relic, and the period piece, The Musketeer.

Since 2010, Hyams has photographed all his films.

Prior to launching his filmmaking career, Hyams was a Chicago CBS-News anchorman, and covered Vietnam as a war correspondent. He also is an accomplished musician, having played drums with jazz musicians Bill Evans and Maynard Fergusson, and performed at Birdland Small's Paradise and the Newport Jazz Festival.

Hyams was born in New York, and attended Syracuse University, where he majored in music and art. Hyams and wife George-Ann have three children and live in California.

Bio courtesy Warner Bros. for "A Sound of Thunder" (04-Sep-2005)

Biography #3

Peter Hyams has made a wide variety of action—adventure films in a series of different genres. His science- fiction films include 2010 with Roy Scheider, Outland with Sean Connery and Capricorn One. In the horror genre, he made the Arnold Schwarzenegger film End of Days and The Relic. Hyams' many thrillers include Sudden Death, Timecop, Narrow Margin with Gene Hackman, The Presidio and The Star Chamber with Michael Douglas. In a lighter vein, he directed Harrison Ford in the love story Hanover Street, and Billy Crystal in the action-comedy Running Sca red. He wrote and produced the comedy-drama T.R. Baskin, starring Candice Bergen. The Musketeer marks the tenth film where Hyams has served as his own cinematographer, dating back to 2010. Hyams was born in New York.

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