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Jason Finn
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Jason Finn

Jason Finn began his journey with acting back in the summer of 2004. Having dropped out of high school and surveying the meager prospects of a life on the street, he decided to return to school. What initially seemed like a tragedy to Jason turned serendipitously into a career path. Late one night two unknown assailants made an attempt on his life but he managed to leave the situation with only one gun shot wound.

After staying in the house for what seemed like an eternity he decided to vent his anger in an interview for a video production class. It was this interview that intrigued a student filmmaker to invite Jason to audition for the independent film Mercy Street. Finn was cast in the lead role. He helped with the script by adding insight and personal real-life situations, and even writing out scenes for the script. This new found environment inspired a profound shift in Jason's outlook, informed with the belief that he still had a chance to make it without selling drugs or living the street life.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2007.

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