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Svetlana Metkina

Svetlana Metkina

Russian-born actress, Svetlana Metkina is emerging as a new international star. She was classically trained and studied Theatre, History, Literature, Music, Art and Philosophy. She also attended Shuka University, the finest theater and acting academy in Russia. She started her film career with several Russian and European films. She starred in the thriller, 300 Years Ago; delivered a touching portrayal as Ailia in the film Family; and starred in Second Front a thriller set during WWII, also starring Ron Perlman, Craig Sheffer and Todd Field.

Her American credits to date include Slingshot in which she played jewel fence Fast Bobby; Mini's First Time in which she played Russian trophy wife Jelena; and Bobby in which she plays idealistic Czech journalist Lenka Janacek.

Most recently, Svetlana was the female lead of Sony-financed movie Track Man, a horror film set in the Moscow subway.

Embracing travel and culture, Svetlana speaks several languages and splits her time between Europe, Russia and America, The single greatest inspiration in her life has always been her family.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2006.

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Selected Filmography

The Second Front by Craig Sheffer
Mini's First Time
1812: Ulanskaya ballada
Trackman / Putevoy Obkhodchik
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