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Biography #2 (for Blackbook)

Carice van Houten plays review star Rachel Steinn in Blackbook, who during the war goes into hiding and assumes the name Ellis de Vries. With a group of Jews she tries to escape to the liberated south of the Netherlands. The plan fails and the entire group is killed and robbed. Only Rachel survives.

In 1999 and 2000 Van Houten won Golden Calfs for her parts in the TV-film Suzy Q and the feature film Minoes. The Calf for Minoes was presented to her by Paul Verhoeven. She also played in TV films and feature films like Storm in Mijn Hoofd, AmnesiA, Het Everzwijn, De Passievrucht, Lepel, Knetter and Ik Omhels Je met Duizend Armen. Van Houten graduated in 2000 from the Amsterdam School of Acting, Musical Theatre and Cabaret. She has also appeared in stage plays like Elektra, Hedda Gabler, Een Meeuw, Het Bewijs and the musicals Foxtrot and Ren Lenny Ren.

Bio courtesy Sony Classics for "Blackbook" (01-Sep-2009)