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Ahmed Zaki Movies

Ahmed Zaki movies available on Blu-ray and DVD

The Addict (Arabic DVD) #43     

The Addict

Directed by Youssef Fransis
With Ahmed Zaki, Najwa Ibrahim and Adel Adham
Complete title: The Addict (Arabic DVD) #43

Alexandria Again and Forever     

Alexandria Again and Forever

With Zaki Abdel Wahab, Aly Badrakhan, Menha Batraoui, Taheya Cariocca and Hassan El Adl



Directed by Youssef Chahine
With Naglaa Fathy, Ahmed Zaki, Farid Shawqi, Mahmoud El-Meliguy and Ezzat El Alaili

Madraset Elmoshaghebeen (Arabic DVD) #87     

Madraset Elmoshaghebeen

Directed by Jalal El Sharkawi
With Adel Imam, Said Saleh, Sahir El Babeli and Ahmed Zaki
Complete title: Madraset Elmoshaghebeen (Arabic DVD) #87

Nasser 56 (Arabic DVD) #15     

Nasser 56

Directed by Mohamed Fadel
With Ahmed Zaki, Ferdos Abd el hameed and Ahmed Maher
Complete title: Nasser 56 (Arabic DVD) #15

Silence... We're Rolling     

Silence... We're Rolling

Directed by Youssef Chahine
With Latifa, Ahmed Bedir, Ahmed Wafik, Magda El-Khatib and Zaki Abdel Wahab
Complete title: Silence... We're Rolling

Taimour & Shafiaa (Arabic DVD) #345     

Taimour & Shafiaa

Directed by Khaled El Morai
With Ahmed El Saka and Mona Zaki
Complete title: Taimour & Shafiaa (Arabic DVD) #345

Against The Government (Arabic DVD) #179     

Against The Government

Directed by Atef El Tayeb
With Ahmed Zaki, Loboba, Afaf Shoaib and Mohamed Nagati
Complete title: Against The Government (Arabic DVD) #179

Halim (Arabic DVD) #239     


With Ahmed Zaki, Mona Zaki, Jamal Soliman and Salaf Fawakherji
Complete title: Halim (Arabic DVD) #239

Days of Sadat (Arabic DVD) #127     

Days of Sadat

With Ahmed Zaki, Mona Zaki and Mervat Amin
Complete title: Days of Sadat (Arabic DVD) #127


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