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Alice Brady
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Alice Brady

Alice Brady was an American actress in the 1930s, during the Great Depression. She broke onto the movie scene at the age of 22 in New York City with World Studios, since her father, William A. Brady, was its owner as well as an important theatrical producer in New York. Her first film was the silent As Ye Sow (1915) as Dora Leland. She acted in more than 50 silent films throughout her career, yet spent most of the 1920s on stage and away from the cinema. She returned to the screen in 1933, landing a role in her first talkie, When Ladies Meet. It was for her portrayal of Molly O'Leary in 1938's In Old Chicago that she won her Academy Award. Brady died of cancer in 1939 shortly after filming Young Mr. Lincoln with director John Ford.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2004.

Alice Brady Facts

BirthdayNovember 2, 1892
Date of deathOctober 28, 1939 (age 46)
Awards1938 Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actress (for In Old Chicago)

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