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Tripple H

Paul Levesque, otherwise known as the wrestling character tag Triple H, is the WWE's number one athlete, performer, and bad guy. He has earned nine WWE world championships as well as being crowned King of the Ring. Hunter Hearst Helmsley, a.k.a. Triple H, has established himself as one of the most acclaimed stars in the unique world of wrestling. In turn, he is unleashing amazing performances in the ring as well as the world of sitcom television with performances ranging from The Drew Carey Show to UPN's Grown Ups and MadTV.

Hunter was born and raised in New Hampshire and at age fourteen he began bodybuilding. He attended art school while managing and consulting a prestigious fitness club. But his passion for fitness led him to train with the legendary wrestler turned instructor, Walter Killer Kowalski at his famous training school in Malden, Massachusetts. In April of 1995, Paul Levesque debuted in WWE as Triple H.

Physical prowess and unparalleled intensity are Hunter's most obvious skills, however, one of the most notable attributes that separates Hunter from other WWE superstars is his mental approach to the sport. He is smart and calculating having executed a move, which he invented, that no other athlete can achieve called The Pedigree. His loyal fans have coined him The Game because he encompasses extraordinary athletic talents and an uncompromising cerebral mindset. "I live this business. I eat and think and drink it."

Note: This profile was written in or before 2004.

Tripple H Facts

Birth NamePaul Levesque
OccupationActor, Athlete
BirthdayJuly 27, 1969 (52)
BirthplaceNashua, New Hampshire, USA

Selected Filmography

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