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Luca Lionello
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Luca Lionello

Luca Lionello followed in the footsteps of his actor father, Alberto Lionello, launching his career as a performer with numerous appearances on the Italian stage. He ventured into film with entry-level roles in several major productions, including Marco Bellochio's The Devil in the Flesh (1986) and Paprika: Life in a Brothel (1989), directed by Caligula-author Tinto Brass. Lionello has since amassed an impressive list of Italian credits, and a growing reputation as one of the nation's most gifted younger actors. He recently starred in the successful Italian TV crime series La Banda (The Squad' 2000) and has worked regularly as the voice-dubber of choice for such American stars as Michael J. Fox and Tom Cruise.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2004.

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