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Biography #2 (for Shrek 2)

Aron Warner won an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature as a producer of the animated blockbuster Shrek. He joined PDI/DreamWorks in 1997 to serve as a producer on the computer animated hit Antz, which marked the first collaboration between PDI and DreamWorks. Warner went on to become head of PDI/DreamWorks from 2000 to 2002.

Warner had previously held the post of vice president of production at Twentieth Century Fox, where he supervised production on such films as Independence Day, The Ice Storm, The Crucible, Alien Resurrection, Volcano, and the number one blockbuster of all time, Titanic.

A graduate of UCLA Film School, Warner started out as a production coordinator at Empire Pictures, gaining experience on low-budget horror and sci-fi films. He then moved on to a position at Film Finances, a completion bond company, where he worked on more than 50 films.

Warner began his career as a producer on the horror hit Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare. He then served as supervising producer on John Dahl's Red Rock West, before beginning his relationship with Twentieth Century Fox as the line producer on Rachel Talalay's Ghost in the Machine. He later executive produced Tank Girl, also directed by Talalay. In addition, he oversaw production on James Cameron's blockbuster True Lies.

Bio courtesy DreamWorks for "Shrek 2" (10-Jun-2004)