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Tim Meadows Quotes

4 quotations by Tim Meadows

QuoteOut of 30 years of Second City I was probably the third African-American with the main stage cast. I was surprised when I first heard that. I think part of the reason that improvisation has never been popular with African-Americans is that it isn't popular in the inner cities.Quote

QuoteIn my experience with women that I've dated and my wife now, is you have to know what they care about. And even if you aren't a huge fan of it, you still have to have interest in it and it has to be genuine because women do it for men all the time.Quote

QuoteI've never been arrested. I've been stopped, searched and had a gun put to my head by the Chicago cops.Quote

QuoteI like doing films and I wish that I could do more but I still have to audition. I don't get offered starring roles in movies even though I've written and starred in a movie.Quote