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Biography #2 (for 21 Grams)

Guillermo Arriaga first collaborated with Alejandro González Iñárritu as the screenwriter of the award-winning Amores perros. They worked together again on the short film Powder Keg.

A genuine Renaissance man of letters, Mr. Arriaga is not only a screenwriter but also a critically praised novelist, a television documentary director, a radio and television producer, and for more than twenty years a college professor. He has also directed short films, among them Rogelio (which screened at several film festivals).

His three novels (The Sweet Scent of Death, Guillotine Squad, and Buffalo of the Night) and book of short stories (Retorno 201) have been particularly praised for his command of dialogue, his use of narrative structures, the complexity of his characters and his themes. They deal with human contradictions, the power of life, the strength of love, and the constant presence of death. His books have been translated into several languages and sold in more than thirty countries. He is finishing a fourth novel, Little Toads.

Mr. Arriaga is also currently at work on three screenplays: one for Tommy Lee Jones, entitled Looking for Jimenez, which the actor will direct; Dallas Buyers Club, to be directed by Marc Forster; and a third screenplay that he himself hopes to direct in 2004. He is also the author of the screenplays Upon Open Sky and Slow Fire; the co-writer, with Rafael Azcona, of the screenplay adaptation of his novel Guillotine Squad; and the producer of a film version of his novel Buffalo of the Night.

Bio courtesy Focus Features for "21 Grams" (29-Nov-2003)