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Biography #2 (for Married to the Kellies)

Kiele Sanchez got her first acting break when a Los Angeles-based talent agent happened to be watching MTV and saw her final audition. He tracked her down through MTV and asked to represent her, on condition that she move to Los Angeles. Although a little wary, Sanchez confirmed that the fellow was indeed an agent from one of the top five talent agencies. The next thing she knew, she was headed for Los Angeles.

While growing up in Chicago, Kiele performed in her first play in high school and was hooked. She continued performing in Chicago's renowned theater productions until a few years later when, while watching television, she saw a commercial asking for people to audition for MTV's Video Jockey (VJ) contest. Excited about the possibility of expanding her career beyond Chicago, Sanchez flew herself to New York and ended up being the first runner-up (out of 4000 people) in the contest.

Soon after arriving on the West Coast, Kiele appeared in three pilots and in the film Class Warfare. Last season she starred in the ABC series That Was Then, which was her first regular series role.

Now a resident of Los Angeles, Kiele is single and enjoys spending time with her friends and her dog.

Bio courtesy ABC for "Married to the Kellies" (03-Nov-2003)