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Biography #2 (for Underworld)

Making his directorial debut, Len Wiseman's experience in the film industry was initially gained through his work in the art department for blockbuster hits Godzilla, Men In Black and Independence Day.

With Wiseman's natural visual flair and eye for design, he was soon behind the lens directing commercials for PlayStation, Time Warner, Oracle, Intel and Activision, quickly leading to a career in music videos. A host of award nominations followed, including Best Art Direction at the 2002 MTV Awards for Quarashi's Stick ‘Em Up and Best Director at the 2002 MVPA Awards for the Rufus Wainwright video Across the Universe. In addition, Wiseman has directed groundbreaking music videos for Megadeath, En Vogue, Static X, Paul Oakenfold and Brooke Allison.

Wiseman and writer Danny McBride met through their agent Nick Reed at ICM. The two hit it off upon discovering they had a common love and knowledge of genre films. They have collaborated on numerous projects since, including Underworld.

With his distinctive style and growing reputation, Wiseman came to the attention of Skip Williamson, President of Lakeshore Records. Seeing Wiseman at work on the set of the Rufus Wainwright video, Williamson made the push for Lakeshore to take a look at Underworld.

The screenplay for Underworld was so well received that Wiseman and McBride took another idea to the studios with Antoine Fuqua attached to produce. A bidding war quickly ensued, which Disney won. The project is tentatively called Black Chapter.

Bio courtesy Screen Gems for "Underworld" (05-Oct-2003)