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Scott Roberts
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Scott Roberts

Roberts wrote his first stage play at the age of seven. Claiming his producer stole his writing credit, he declined to re-enter the fray until he had a good agent.

After studying architecture at Sydney University, he spent a number of years in Asia, Africa and Britain, taking the would-be writer's usual assortment of jobs: waiter, criminal lawyer's clerk, aerial photographer, builder, sheep farmer. He returned to Sydney in 1981, when he started working in the art department on films, beginning with Starstruck (1981) under Brian Thomson.

Continuing to work as Thomson's assistant on other design projects, he wrote his first film treatments and studied acting with Brian Syron. In 1982, he was designer and stage manager for The Australian Aboriginal Theatre Company's production of The Cakeman that played in Sydney, Brisbane and Denver. He then spent a year working as a journalist and disc jockey in Rome, before returning to London where he wrote his first screenplay, The American Way, starring Dennis Hopper and Michael J. Pollard (1986).

Roberts spent the next decade or so in London and Los Angeles writing screenplays and following many projects, from music videos to feature films, through all stages of production. Writing credits from this period include the feature film K2 (1991) and the television mini-series Shadow of the Cobra (1988). He returned to live full-time in Sydney in 1998.

The Hard Word is the first part of an Australian trilogy exploring talismans and taboos of this new old country and marks Roberts' feature directing debut.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2003.

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