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Danny Pang

Danny Pang & Oxide Pang, identical twins known internationally as the Pang Brothers, are the multi-hyphenate talents who shot to international fame as the Hong Kong filmmakers to watch with the Asian hits THE EYE and BANGKOK DANGEROUS.

Both are writers, directors, producers and editors, with Oxide being a fraction older. Both are known for sharing a unified vision, inseparable in their approach to the filmmaking process. They are among the group of auteurs from Hong Kong who have come from advertising and rose to acclaim through Asian cinema, predominately in China and Thailand.

The brothers have re-teamed with THE MESSENGERS' producers William Sherak and Jason Shuman on the upcoming TIME TO KILL. The Pangs co-wrote the story and are co-directing the action film starring Nicolas Cage, also a producer. And, the brothers are currently working on an English language sequel of THE EYE for producers Tom Cruise and Paul Wagner.

The Hong Kong natives worked in advertising before moving to Thailand to pursue their filmmaking careers. Their former experience has had an impact on their creative camera work, editing and soundtracks, known for pumping the film's intensity in action.

Oxide, who previously worked as a colorist, began his filmmaking career writing and directing the 1997 film WHO IS RUNNING? (TA FA LIKIT), a composition of many short films he crafted earlier. He won the 1998 Asia Pacific Film Festival Special Jury Award and was nominated for the 1998 Vancouver Film Festival Dragon and Tigers Award.

The brothers began collaborating on films after the international critical success of WHO IS RUNNING? In 1999, the young filmmakers from Thailand teamed in writing, directing and editing BANGKOK DANGEROUS, a story about a deaf-mute hit man who roams the streets of Bangkok, killing his boss' targets.

The film won the 2000 Toronto Film Festival's International Critics Award and was nominated for the 2001 Rotterdam Film Festival's Tiger Award.

In 2001, Oxide wrote, directed, produced and edited the black and white ONE TAKE ONLY: BANGKOK FOR SALE (SOM AND BANK: BANGKOK FOR SALE) while Danny made his solo directorial debut the following year with NOTHING TO LOSE (NEUNG BUAK NEUNG PEN SOON), which he also wrote. Although the filmmakers did not collaborate on the films, both shared a common story line of suicidal characters at the end of their rope.

But it was their 2002 horror film THE EYE (JIAN QUI), a co-production between Hong Kong and Thailand investors which the brothers co-wrote, codirected and co-edited that garnered box office and critical success internationally. In 2004, they followed with a sequel, which they also produced. It is a story about a 20-year-old blind woman who undergoes an eye transplant and inherits the psychic powers of the deceased donor. The film, slightly different in style from their other productions, was the Pang Brothers' most successful film.

That year, Danny directed and the brothers co-produced the comedy LEAVE ME ALONE (AH MA YAU NAN), starring Hong Kong legend Ekin Cheng, who plays two characters in the film -- identical twins Man and Kit who are reunited after years of separation and begin to swap identities. In 2003, the brothers co-wrote SUNG HOM, which Oxide edited. In 2004, Oxide wrote, directed and co-produced with Danny the thriller AB-NORMAL BEAUTY (SEI MONG SE JUN), starring Asian pop stars Rosanne and Race Wong.

Danny Pang, who is sometimes credited as Fat Pang, also edited THE STORM RIDERS (FEUND YUN XIANG BA TIAN XIA) and the 2002 Hong Kong film INFERNAL AFFAIRS (WU JIAN DAO) and the two sequels INFERNAL AFFAIRS II (WU JIAN DAO 2) and INFERNAL AFFAIRS: END INFERNO 3 (WU JIAN DAO 3.)

Note: This profile was written in or before 2007.
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Danny Pang Facts

BirthplaceHong Kong

Selected Filmography

The Eye 2
The Messengers
Bangkok Dangerous
The Storm Warriors
The Eye 3
Eye 2, The
Four-Film Collection
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