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6 quotations by 50 cent

QuoteI'm not trying to save the world. As a musician and artist, it just ain't me.Quote

QuoteA lot of kids join the army to get a college education. That's why they do it, and they get sent into these horrible situations.Quote

QuoteIn my neighborhood if you're too aggressive, you intimidate someone, they kill you. Or if you decide to be emotional and you start crying, you're a victim. You know, the kid in the schoolyard that doesn't want to fight always leaves with a black eye. You have to find a way to stay in the middle, somewhere where people just don't mess with you because they know that you don't have a problem with it if it goes there.Quote

QuoteI think it's easier for the general public to embrace me in a negative way. You have people who already have a perception of me that says I'm a bad person.Quote

QuoteIn Hollywood they say there's no business like show business. In the hood they say there's no business like ho' business.Quote

QuoteThe only thing that I'm scared of is not livin' up to the expectations of 'Dr. Dre' and 'Eminem'.Quote