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Steven Brand
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Steven Brand

Steven Brand makes his feature film debut as the evil warlord and arch nemesis of Mathayus. Immediately after securing the role, he began working with martial arts trainers to master sword fighting and also began intensive horseback riding lessons.

Although native to Dundee, Scotland, Brand and his family moved to East Africa when he was young, where they lived for nine years in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. He experienced film for the first time in a drive-in cinema in Kenya.

He eventually moved back to the UK and upon graduating college, set off to explore Europe. Acting in short plays and mime shows, he performed short excerpts from Pinter and Osborne plays on the streets of Paris, and later graduated to fringe theaters in London. He also began working freelance for a large magazine publisher and within a year was publishing Mobile Communication International, a monthly trade magazine in the communications industry.

After appearing in a French play called The Lie, Brand secured a role on the popular British series, Darling Buds Of May, starring opposite Catherine Zeta-Jones as her business advisor and secret love interest. He spent the next few years working consistently in British television, until meeting with the casting agent for a Fox-TV pilot - who also happened to be casting for The Scorpion King. After wrapping up his last days on the BBC television series, Doctors, Brand moved to LA to begin his first movie.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2003.

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