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James Dale Robinson
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James Dale Robinson

Writer and director James Dale Robinson studied film before becoming an editor at Titan Books in England, from which he originates. While editing at the publishing house, Robinson wrote his first comic London's Dark. Robinson quickly moved into writing comics full-time and developed a long list of comic book credits for publishers such as Dark Horse Comics, Epic Comics, and Malibu Comics before landing at the legendary D.C. Comics.

At D.C., Robinson worked on such titles as Golden Age, Batman: Legends of The Dark Knight, Cable and WildC.A.T.s among others before creating the Jack Knight character for the wildly successful series: Starman. Before making the transition back into filmmaking, Robinson enjoyed success with another comic published by D.C.'s Homage imprint, Leave It To Chance. At D.C., Robinson won several Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, including 1997's Best Serialized Story for Starman and both the Best New Series and Best Comics Publication for a Younger Audience for Leave It To Chance.

Robinson has written screenplays for two other films, 1993's Firearm and 1995's Cyber Bandits, a sci-fi thriller which starred popular musicians Martin Kemp, Grace Jones and Adam Ant. COMIC BOOK VILLAINS marks Robinson's directorial debut.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2002.

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