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Anurag Mehta
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Anurag Mehta

Anurag Mehta is himself a first-generation Indian-American in his twenties. He was born and raised in New Jersey, and grew up a huge fan of movies. In 1994 while studying at Rutgers University, Mehta spent the summer working at James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment. The experience gained while working for James Cameron during the release of True Lies was invaluable and planted the seeds for his move to Los Angeles. Mehta went on to graduate Rutgers, where he majored in Finance and Cinema Studies. In 1995 he moved to Los Angeles to work for Producer Daniel Melnick (Roxanne, LA Story, All That Jazz). From 1996 to 1999, Mehta spent a few years in the trenches, working on various independent features, including Jim Stern's It's The Rage, starring Joan Allen and Gary Sinise, and Steve Brill's Late Last Night, starring Emilio Estevez.

Recently Mehta has had much success as a screenwriter. Two of his screenplays have been purchased by independent production companies, and are in development. Additionally, Mehta wrote an episode for the Sci-fi TV show Outer Limits. AMERICAN CHAI is Mehta's directorial debut.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2002.

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