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Jamil Smith

Jamil Smith

Jamil Smith has been the voice for Gerald since the creation of the character and the Hey, Arnold! TV series in 1996. His passion for acting began when he started training in theatre at six years old, and he has worked steadily in television for the past eight years, appearing on such shows as The X Files, Touched By an Angel, Sister, Sister, Hangin' With Mr. Cooper and NYPD Blue.

On stage, Smith has had numerous roles including the distinctive honor of playing the part of Sojourner Truth's son in the Cal State Northridge production of Ain't I a Woman, as well as the part of Scrooge in the Hollywood Playhouse production of A Soulful Christmas.

Nominated for two NAACP Theatre Awards for Best Supporting Actor for his role of Mr. Magie in Anny Mae and Asbury and his portrayal of Jeremy in Power Over Weapons, Smith was recognized as a 1977 California Arts Scholar in Theatre. He has also appeared in a number of theatrical productions in Los Angeles where he is an active member of the Theatre Rascals production company.

When he's not working, Smith enjoys playing almost any sport including basketball, football, baseball and track.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2002.

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Selected Filmography

SGU: Stargate Universe
Hey Arnold! The Movie
Hey Arnold!: Season 1
Hey Arnold! Season Two, Part 1
Hey Arnold: The Final Season
Hey Arnold: Urban Adventures
Hey Arnold! Season Two, Part 2
Hey Arnold!: Season 4
Hey Arnold!: The Helga Stories
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