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Josh Todd
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Josh Todd

Josh Todd, who makes his acting debut in The Salton Sea, is no stranger to the world of performance. As lead singer for the platinum-selling Dreamworks Records act Buckcherry he has toured the U.S.A. and Europe extensively (including shows with KISS and Lenny Kravitz) in addition to playing Woodstock and a 1999 New Year's Eve gig with Aerosmith in Osaka, Japan, where the band played for a crowd of 60,000. The Los Angeles-based Buckcherry has released two albums: their self-titled debut in 1999, which spawned the Billboard #1 hit Lit Up, plus their recently released follow-up Time Bomb. In addition to continuing to front Buckcherry, Todd has also begun a foray into the world of movies. Though the worlds of rock and film might seem very different, Todd doesn't find the transition between being the singer of a band and acting a necessarily big jump. "They are kind of related in a way. In a band you get on stage and you have to become something different; you have to put on your game face and get out there every night and do it, regardless of how you're feeling, he explains. With acting, it's so fun to me to get into another headspace and change the way you look and act - and the challenge of being able to pull that off, and pull it off well. I've seen a lot of the world and I've observed so many different people in it; who they are, how they act. I love being presented with a character and then pulling from my past observations and experiences to help create this character.

Todd's other film work includes roles in The New Guy" for Sony Pictures (directed by Ed Decter and starring DJ Qualls) and The Banger Singers for Fox (directed by Bob Dolman, starring Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon).

Note: This profile was written in or before 2002.

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