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Carl Paoli
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Carl Paoli

Carl Lawrence Paoli has over more than 12 years experience in Feature feature Film film as a stuntman. In the summer of 1999 CarlPaoli landed not only the role of stalker-killer ‘Death Mask', in the upcoming Artisan Films release Soul Survivor, but also starring stunt doubles for Wes Bentley whom which he also Stunt Doubled during the the samein the film. Carl has worked on numerous feature films over the years including Face Off and Hardball where he Stunt stunt Doubled doubled Keanu Reeves. He is currently working on Jurassic Park III, being shot on location in Hawaii and Los Angeles.

Carl Paoli is also a director/, cinematographer/ and editor and one of three partners that who comprise BackPay Pictures, an independent film group. Carl completed his first DV-Film in October 1999 entitled Wicker Park. The film was shot in Chicago using a hand hand-held digital video camera and used entirelyutilized only available light and sound. The film made its screen debut April 5th 5, 2000, at the Chicago Landmark Vic Theater, during a Chicago Community Cinema event. The film received rave reviews and was well received by the audience in attendance.

Carl's Paoli's current project Cotton Mouth, a feature feature-length dark humor/character drama, is in post-production editing in Los Angeles, and was shot in Chicago and on location.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2000.

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