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Biography #2 (for Sexy Beast)

SEXY BEAST marks Jonathan Glazer's debut as a director of feature films. Winner of many international awards for his work in commercials and pop promos, the director was feted by Hollywood but elected to make his first feature film about the world of the British gangster, a genre which fascinates him.

After completing a BA Honours degree in Theatre Design and Direction he began his career directing theatre, editing film trailers and making award winning program idents for the BBC.

In 1993 he teamed up with producer Nick Morris at Academy Commercials, where he wrote and directed three short films, entitled Mad Pool and Commission, before moving on to direct music videos and commercials. His work in the music video field includes promos for Massive Attack, Blur, Nick Cave and multi-award winning films for Radiohead and Jamiroquai. In 1997 he was named Director of the Year at the MTV Video Awards and Jamiroquai's Virtual Insanity was nominated for ten MTV awards. Most recently his promo for UNKLE Rabbit In Your Headlights picked up a Silver for Outstanding Direction at D & AD as well as an MVPA award for Best Foreign Video.

Jonathan has been responsible for some of the most acclaimed and innovative commercials of the nineties which have been recognised with international awards. These include Nike Parklife, Stella Artois, Last Orders and the two recent Guinness commercials Swimblack and Surfer. In the Channel 4 television program The 100 Greatest TV Ads, sponsored by the Sunday Times, Surfer was voted the best advertisement ever by members of the public. At the 2000 D & AD awards, Guinness Surfer was awarded two Gold awards for the Most Outstanding Direction and the Most Outstanding TV Commercial over 60 seconds. The coveted Gold awards are very rarely awarded in any category and never in the entire history of D & AD has a commercial been awarded two.

Bio courtesy Fox Searchlight for "Sexy Beast" (01-Jan-2000)