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Biography #2 (for Waist Deep)

Two-time Grammy Award-nominated singer Tyrese Gibson made a memorable film debut in the lead role of John Singleton's Baby Boy, with Ving Rhames, Taraji P. Henson, and A.J. Johnson.

Mr. Gibson has since reteamed with the filmmaker on the hit movies 2 Fast 2 Furious (starring alongside Paul Walker) and Four Brothers (as one of the title characters, alongside Mark Wahlberg, Andre Benjamin, and Garrett Hedlund).

His other films include John Moore's Flight of the Phoenix, with Dennis Quaid and Giovanni Ribisi, and Justin Lin's Annapolis, with James Franco and Donnie Wahlberg.

Bio courtesy Rogue Pictures for "Waist Deep" (09-Jul-2006)

Biography #3 (for 2 Fast 2 Furious)

Just entering his twenties, J Records recording artist, actor and model TYRESE has already accomplished more than many people do the entire length of their careers. Born and raised in Watts, California, a section of South Central Los Angeles, Tyrese discovered his love of music at an early age and released his self-titled debut album at 19. In January 2000, he received an American Music Award for Favorite Soul and R&B New Artist. In addition to his zest for music, he has also found success in the acting and modeling worlds, having appeared in commercials and guest spots on television series, as well as his exclusive contract with Guess?.

Tyrese took his career to another level when he made his feature film debut as the star of Baby Boy, directed by John Singleton.

Tyrese recently released his third album (on J Records), featuring the first single How You Gonna Act Like That, the biggest urban record of his career. Featuring both solo and collaborative writing efforts, Tyrese's music melds together the essence of hip-hop and R&B with great energy and style. His dynamic, upbeat hits have appeared on the Blue Streak and Best Man soundtracks, and his debut album reached platinum status. His sophomore album, 2000 WATTS (RCA), was released in May, 2001.

Tyrese was formerly one of MTV's favorite VJs. His acting roles have included guest-starring appearances in the long-running television series Moesha, Martin and Hanging With Mr. Cooper. Additionally, the actor appeared in a popular, global television commercial for Coca-Cola (the kid in headphones singing on the bus), which put him in the spotlight and helped him gain international recognition.

One of the most sought after African-American male models in the nation, Tyrese has been featured in numerous print and television ad campaigns for such top brands as Tommy Hilfiger. As a top male model, he had an exclusive sponsorship with Guess?, which included everything from advertising and promotions to special guest appearances and performances.

In addition to appearances and performing, Tyrese is a dedicated community activist, focusing his efforts on assisting inner city youth. He founded a non-profit organization, the Tyrese Gibson Watts Foundation, whose ultimate goal is to build youth community centers in the city of Watts. In the summer of 2000, Tyrese started his own annual charity event, Watts Day, a fundraising performance by a group of artists giving back to the community in which they were raised.

Bio courtesy Universal Pictures for "2 Fast 2 Furious" (08-Jun-2003)