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Kate Bosworth Quotes

5 quotations by Kate Bosworth

QuoteI think probably trying to please too many people. Sometimes I get so caught up in making other people happy that I just sort of forget about making myself happy and you obviously need to make yourself happy.Quote

QuoteThere are girls, people in the industry who just kind of flip through magazines and pick out guys, like, "I'm gonna date him". I could never do that. I don't think being set up works. I'm big into fate.Quote

QuoteI'm in love with what I do but it's not the only thing that fulfills me.Quote

QuoteThe other day a friend called and told me they made a porn film using the title of my first movie. I guess you know you've made it when there's a porn parody of a movie you've done.Quote

QuoteYou promote your films; it's part of your job. You do the magazine covers and stuff, and then I try to live a really normal life. I definitely don't try to make it into any more craziness than it is.Quote