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Biography #2 (for Iron Jawed Angels)

Katja von Garnier received worldwide attention for her second feature film, Bandits (1997), which was a huge hit in Germany and won awards at major festivals. The film enjoyed a successful theatrical release in 15 countries, including the U.S., where it came out the following year. A story of four female prisoners who form a rock band and break out of prison together, Bandits struck a nerve with its intense storyline and dynamic style, bringing von Garnier recognition as a major filmmaking talent, including a citation by Variety as one of the top ten directors to watch.

Her previous feature, Makin' Up (1993), made as a student film, broke records in Germany and many other countries, and won her a Student Academy Award, the German Film Award, the Bavarian Film Award and the Ernst Lubitsch Award. Her other films include the shorts Daydreamer (1989) and Silent Voice (1990), and two documentaries: Shooting in the Line of Fire (1993), a look at the making of Wolfgang Petersen's movie In the Line of Fire, and Kix?! (1996), about the new generation in Germany.

Bio courtesy HBO for "Iron Jawed Angels" (20-Sep-2004)