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Frank Wilson
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Frank Wilson

Frank Wilson began his professional career in 1948 at the Tivoli, two years after he had been released from the army and went on to become one of the legends in the Australian Film and Television industry. Now 78 and as fit as ever more from necessity (Frank was diagnosed as diabetic when he was 22-years-old) he is one of the most in demand actors in the country. Celebrating 54 years in the business, Frank has appeared in every popular television show produced in the country from the early 60s. His television credits include Bellbird, Cop Shop, Division 4, Bluey, Homicide, And The Big Men Fly (winning a Penguin award for Best Actor), Power Without Glory, The Sullivans, Carson's Law, Great Bookie Robbery, Country Practice, Blue Heelers, SeaChange, Water Rats, Changi. He has also done his share of compering including IMT and New Faces (won a Logie for Best Compere in 1972). He also received a Green Room Award for Best Supporting Actor in Noises Off. His film credits include The Club, Breaker Morant, Black Robe, Riddle of the Stinson, The Well. In the early 50s Frank worked in the theatre in the UK and one of his most memorable experiences was working with Charlie Chaplin in 1956 in London in the film A King In New York. "It was the second last film Chaplin made. It was amazing to meet and work with the man - the legend. He was a lovely bloke, " says Frank. Frank also worked with Lauren Bacall in the stage play Sweet Bird of Youth, 16 years ago - a memorable time. Frank admits working with the legendary Lauren Bacall would have been memorable enough but that time is now etched in memory because it was mid way through the tour, while in Melbourne, that he had a heart attack.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2003.

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