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Noble Willingham
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Noble Willingham

Noble Willingham was an American television and film actor. Noble Willingham had appeared in more than 30 feature films, including Up Close and Personal (1996), City Slickers (1991), The Last Boy Scout (1991), City Slickers II (1994), Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, (1994), Chinatown (1974), Good Morning, Vietnam (1987), and The Distinguished Gentleman (1992). He was born in a small town of Mineola, Texas, east of Dallas. After he graduated from North Texas State University in 1953, he earned a master's degree in educational psychology from Baylor University. Willingham was teaching government and economics in Houston Texas high school before following his dream of becoming an actor. He auditioned for a part in The Last Picture Show (1971), which was filmed in Texas. He won the role, which lead to another, in Paper Moon (1973).

On television, Willingham had a recurring role in the series Home Improvement and appeared as a guest star in the series Murder, She Wrote and Northern Exposure, both on CBS, and Quantum Leap. His additional television credits include A Woman with a Past, The Alamo, and Unconquered. Willingham had three children, Stori Willingham, Meghan McGlohen and John Ross McGlohen. He had one grandson, Noble Willingham III. In 2004, he died of natural causes in Palm Springs, California at age 72.

He was best known for his role as C.D. Parker on the series Walker, Texas Ranger from 1993 to 1999. He left the show to run for Congress. He was the Republican challenger in 1st Congressional District of Texas but lost the election to incumbent Max Sandlin.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2006.

Noble Willingham Facts

BirthdayAugust 31, 1930
BirthplaceMneola, Texas, USA
Date of deathJanuary 17, 2004 (Palm Springs, California, USA, age 73)

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