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Biography #2 (for Bobby)

Jacob Vargas began his impressive acting career when he was discovered break dancing in a schoolyard at the age of 12. This was followed by a role as a break-dancer on the hit TV show "Different Strokes. In 1995 he won the very first ALMA Award (for Emerging Artist of the Year) for his work in both Alison Anders' Mi Vida Loca and Gregory Nava's My Family. He later starred in such films as Selena, Get Shorty, American Me, Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion and the cult favorite Next Friday" as Ice Cube's nemesis, Joker. He drew acclaim as Benicio del Toro's partner in Stephen Soderberg's Academy Award-winning film Traffic which earned him a Screen Actors Guild Award and another ALMA Award. More recently, he starred as Sammy the chef in John Moore's Flight of the Phoenix and as Marine Sniper Cortez in Sam Medes' war drama "Jarhead. He will next be seen as a DEA Agent opposite Laurence Fishburne and Paul Walker in The Death and Life of Bobby Z and will star in Alex Rivera's Sci-Fi "Sleep Dealer. Jacob has also been focusing his talents on writing and producing through his production company Third Son Productions. In 2001 he executive produced and starred in the independent film Road Dogz. He also co-produced and starred in the stage play Latinologues which performed on Broadway in 2005. Through Third Son Productions, he is currently developing several Feature film and television projects.

Bio courtesy MGM for "Bobby" (19-Nov-2006)

Biography #3

Jacob Vargas gave a memorable performance as a Tijuana cop in Steven Soderbergh's highly acclaimed thriller Traffic last year, for which he received a Screen Actors Guild Award.

His first break came after he was discovered break-dancing in a local schoolyard and was cast as a street dancer on the popular television series Different strokes. He first registered strongly with movie audiences with his performance as the son of a deaf woman in Gas Food Lodging. Director Allison Anders cast him again in her controversial film about female gangs, Mi Vida Loca. Vargas next played opposite Jennifer Lopez in Gregory Nava's My Family/ Mi Familia, receiving the NCLR (National Council of La Raza) Bravo Award for Emerging Artist of the Year". He worked opposite Jennifer Lopez again in Selena.

Vargas has had memorable cameo roles in such films as Get Short, Crimson Tide and Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion. He later appeared in Stephen Frears' The Hi-Lo Country, and the box office hit Next Friday for director Steve Carr. Carr later used Vargas' comedic talent as Pepito the Lizard in Dr. Doolittle 2. Vargas also developed, produced and starred in Road Dogz, an independent film about three childhood friends in troubled times, directed by Alfredo Ramos. Va rgas also co-produced and starred in Latinologues, a collection of Latino-themed comedic monologues.

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