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Biography #2 (for The Dead Will Tell)

Chris Sarandon was nominated for both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for his role in Dog Day Afternoon. His other feature film credits include Let the Devil Wear Black, Little Men, American Perfekt, Terminal Justice, Dark Tide and The Nightmare Before Christmas. His television credits include the movie David's Mother, Race Against Time, No Greater Love, When the Dark Man Calls, Lincoln and the War Within and The Stranger Within.

Bio courtesy CBS for "The Dead Will Tell" (10-Nov-2005)

Biography #3

Chris Sarandon (born July 24, 1942), is an American actor. He was married to the actress Susan Sarandon, who retained her married name after their divorce. He has appeared in a large number of smaller budget genre films and distinguishes himself in most of his roles due to his intensity and dedication to the craft of acting. He is currently married to Joanna Hall Gleason, and has a 21 year-old daughter, Stephanie.

Article text released under CC-BY-SA. It uses material from the Wikipedia article "Chris Sarandon" (15-Dec-2004)