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Biography #2

In 1979 James Toback burst onto the international film scene with his cult hit, Fingers, starring Harvey Keitel, a movie which has excited filmmakers from Truffaut to Tarantino. A graduate of Harvard College, Toback began a career in journalism, writing for Esquire, Harper's, Dissent and Commentary. In 1971 his autobiographical memoir, Jim, was published to considerable acclaim. From 1969-1972 he served as a lecturer in comparative literature at the City College of New York.

In 1974 his original screenplay The Gambler was directed by Karel Reisz, and the film is generally acknowledged to be the classic film on the subject. In addition to Fingers and The Gambler, Toback's filmography includes Exposed, Love and Money, The Pick-Up Artist, the Award-winning documentary The Big Bang and Two Girls and A Guy starring Robert Downey Jr., Heather Graham and Natasha Gregson Wagner.

Toback was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for Bugsy.

Toback's future projects include Harvard Man; Love in Paris, a coming-of-age romance set against the worlds of fashion and crime in New York and Paris; and Vicki, a film about the 19th century feminist and free lover Victoria Woodhull, who was the first woman to run for president.

James Toback resides in New York.

updated 01-Jan-2000