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Biography #2

Noah Taylor, one of Australia's most talented and prolific young actors, is best known for his acclaimed performance as Danny Embling in The Year My Voice Broke and its sequel, Flirting, both directed by John Duigan. He began his career at the St. Martin's Youth Theatre in Melbourne. His stage credits include leading roles in such productions as Pierrot Lunaire, Bloody Mama, Alien in the Park, The Grim Reaper, Baron in the Trees and Eric and Verna. Taylor's television credits include A Long Way From Home, Bangkok Hilton (produced by Kennedy Miller and starring Nicole Kidman), The Last Crop, Inspector Morse - The Promised Land (starring John Thor), The Boys from the Bush and Jon's Jury.

On screen, Taylor has also starred in Lover Boy (directed by Geoffrey Wright - Romper Stomper), Prisoner of St. Petersburg, Dead to the World, Secrets (screenplay by Jan Sardi), The Nostradamus Kid and since Shine, he has also starred in the feature film True Love and Chaos.

Taylor was nominated for Best Actor by the AFI for his performance in The Year My Voice Broke and Best Supporting Actor for On Our Selection. He has won the Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor three times: in 1988 for The Year My Voice Broke, in 1991 for Flirting and in 1993 for The Nostradamus Kid.

Bio courtesy Fine Line Features (07-Jul-2002)