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16 quotations by Neil Patrick Harris

QuoteWhen I auditioned for the show, I didn't realize it was an MTV production, which is going to make for really good tunes during the episodes, if nothing else.Quote

QuoteWe're in such a volatile climate right now politically. I think they didn't want Assassins to not succeed due to popular opinion and politics, versus on its own merits. I can respect that.Quote

QuoteStarship Troopers was great. It was great fun to work on something with blue screens and big budget special effects. Denise Richards was nice to look at too, of course.Quote

QuoteSo I've done my fair share of theater. I have also been very fortunate in that I've been able to come to New York two or three times a year just to see as many shows as possible. I think the live theater culture here is incredible.Quote

QuoteIt's nice to establish yourself as an actor first and a singer second. Proof is such a tremendous piece of work, and I'm incredibly lucky to be a part of it. I'm sure that the musicals will happen in the future, though.Quote

QuoteIf I wrote a musical it wouldn't be about me. Although I do some magic, so it would probably be about a magician who appeared and re-appeared all over the place.Quote

QuoteI've been taking a trapeze class for the last couple of years. I'm working on my double back flip right now.Quote

QuoteI'm shocked at how early everything closes here. But people start earlier. I miss the late nightlife in NYC, but then again I sing and burn so much energy in the show that it's probably good-I get to go home and sleep.Quote

QuoteI'm restless. Luckily I have the kind of job where if I get bored with something I can move on, take up another role and re-invent myself.Quote

QuoteI'm in a play on Broadway, I have an animated TV show coming up, I have a few movies that just came out.Quote

QuoteI'm a games and theory kind of guy. I love puzzles, so it was fun dissecting Shakespeare's prose.Quote

QuoteI loved Rent when I first heard it, but it grew on me and so did Tick, Tick... Boom. Some songs are more interesting than others and sometimes the ones that never stood out at first end up being the best to perform.Quote

QuoteI like the tube more than the NY subway though, you've got cushioned seats.Quote

QuoteI have more artistic control in a smaller show. But it doesn't really matter. Sometimes you can have the smallest role in the smallest production and still make a big impact.Quote

QuoteI felt a little green, because Shakespeare writes the thought process within the text; it was tricky not to think of what to say and then say it, and instead just deliver the lines.Quote

QuoteCharlie Sheen is who again? Denise is engaged?Quote