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Jensen Ackles Quotes

4 quotations by Jensen Ackles

QuoteWhen I was in middle school, some of my so-called friends found a catalog ad I did for Superman pajamas. They made as many copies as they could and pasted them up all over school.Quote

QuoteI'm a mad Gummi fan. I always have Gummis in my trailer. But you can't eat too many because then you get Gummi tummy, and that's no good. I can't believe I'm saying this.Quote

QuoteOn working with Jared Leto: Jared and I are lucky to get along so well without having any effort to make. One day, the producers came to see us and told us they had never worked with actors who got along so well. It gives us the opportunity to make the relationship between Sam and Dean have credibility. I think the audience feels how much Jared and I like being together.Quote

QuoteBeing from Texas, I would say I favor a pair of jeans you can wear some boots with.Quote