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Stacy Peralta
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Stacy Peralta

Stacy Peralta was born in 1957 and began skating at the age of five. He has been associated with skateboarding ever since, as a leading competitor, entrepreneur, and video director. Considered one of the founding fathers of modern skateboarding, he was the first Z-Boy to systematically capitalize on his reputation with lucrative sponsorship and advertising deals, and eventually co-founding his own company, Powell-Peralta.

As a teenager, Peralta appeared in several feature films set in the skateboarding world, including starring in Freewheelin' in 1976. Behind the scenes he served as a second unit director on several films, including: Police Academy 4, Gleaming the Cube and Thrashin' in 1986.

At nineteen, Peralta walked away from his career as a skateboarder and joined manufacturer George Powell to form the innovative manufacturing company Powell Peralta. Five years later, Powell Peralta became an industry leader, as the trend-setting graphics of artists Craig Stecyk and Vernon Courtland Johnson fueled the company. Peralta discovered Tony Hawk and sponsored him for eleven years as the founder and coach of Powell Peralta's Bones Brigade skateboard team.

Fed up with conventional advertising methods, Peralta and creative partner Craig Stecyk produced their first skateboard film, The Bones Brigade Video Show in 1984, launching a skate-video revolution that shifted the balance of power in the field away from the traditional magazines and the corporate organizers of competitive events. Many young skaters now routinely bypass competition altogether, choosing video instead.

As a result of the style he developed in his skateboard videos, Peralta began to get directing offers in Hollywood. He worked on Steven Spielberg's Hook (1990) as a scene choreographer and skateboard consultant. In 1991, he left Powell Peralta to begin directing and producing television specials, pilots and series until 1999. He recently directed the interview series Influences for the Bravo cable channel.

He also recently signed a screenplay deal with Art Linson and director David Fincher, for their company Indelible Entertainment. He and Agi Orsi are currently putting together their next film on the life of a surfing legend. They will work together on the film version of the book In Search Of Captain Zero by Allan Weisbecker, for Peralta to direct and Orsi to produce.

Note: This profile was written in or before 2003.

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