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Pat Morita Quotes

9 quotations by Pat Morita

QuoteYou may have heard that back in the States there are some people who are smoking grass. I don't know how you feel, but it's sure easier than cutting the stuff.Quote

QuoteThanks to the Japanese and Geronimo, John Wayne became a millionaire.Quote

QuoteIt's been a career filled with very low valleys and some wonderful, high peaks.Quote

QuoteI've been working on my autobiography, just pecking away in longhand. The more you write, the more you remember. The more you remember, the more detail you recall. It's not all pleasant!Quote

QuoteI'm in semi-retirement, but what am I going to retire to? I don't ride horses, I don't golf anymore. I shoot a game of pool every now and then.Quote

QuoteI don't know of any other creature on earth other than man that will sit in a corner and cry because of some painful experience in the past.Quote

QuoteI didn't have a childhood.Quote

QuoteHip Nip just sounds groovy. A drummer laid it on me.Quote

QuoteA lot happens in 20 years.Quote