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Alice Cooper Quotes

30 quotations by Alice Cooper

QuoteYou just let your lower self go, and then it takes on all these aspects of the society - the city with horns blowing, the people yelling things at each other, and the all-in-all violence and chaos of the city. Put that on stage with music, and that's what this is.Quote

QuoteYou can't get the visual thing on the record as much as you'd like to. We produced this album, and we'd never done that before, except when we produced singles for ourselves.Quote

QuoteWhen we get together and rehearse, which is always living with each other, we always talk about what would make it better, what would mean more, what would say more. So we're always improving and growing.Quote

QuoteWell, we were all in high school and we got together, and in college - we were in art college together.Quote

QuoteWe wanted it more live and raw. We didn't want a studio sound.Quote

QuoteWe try to be as much involved in our product as possible, because then it's us.Quote

QuoteWe like reactions - a reaction is walking out on us, a reaction is throwing tomatoes at the stage, that's a healthy psychological reaction.Quote

QuoteWe just set it up and recorded it the way we played it. But that was the way we played it then.Quote

QuoteWe identified with Frank. We were of course influenced - when everybody hears Zappa, they're influenced by him, just like The Beatles.Quote

QuoteWe got on his label, and the Bizarre organization is just going up and up. So we have faith.Quote

QuoteWe don't mind that, that's making them accept more, making fun that we accept that. The thing is this is the way we are. We think it's a gas.Quote

QuoteWe can only take it so far, because man can only take it so far, lower self can only take it so far, and you have to realize that the public is only at a certain place.Quote

QuoteThey're reacting and that's wonderful. It's better than them sitting there doing nothing. I say make them react - do whatever's in your power to move the audience, and if that's where it is, and there where it is with America, sex and violence, then I say project it.Quote

QuoteThey coincide with each other but they don't at the same time. So what it is, is when people come to see us the first time, they see this.Quote

QuoteThe hippies wanted peace and love. We wanted Ferraris, blondes and switchblades.Quote

QuoteThat's where their heart is from the sex and violence of TV and the movies, and that was our influence. We weren't brought up under a blues influence.Quote

QuoteThat's like making fun of a maniac because his brain isn't completely right, because he isn't in the norm.Quote

QuoteThat was very close to getting killed. Usually at pop festivals we have people jumping on stage.Quote

QuotePeople that haven't seen us yet are shocked because they think that Alice Cooper must be a female folksinger. They don't expect the whole thing.Quote

QuoteIt's not an anti-sex trip. Like, we're taking sex, which is probably another half of American entertainment, sex and violence, and we're projecting it, and we're saying this is the way everything is right now.Quote

QuoteIt's like this - these five members have been influenced of course by other groups, because that's where this generation's groups came from - an environment like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Yardbirds, and The Who. People like that.Quote

QuoteIt's a big flash of all these things and whatever you take out of that statement's one statement, one mind, one statement, one act, one show, and all the songs are one.Quote

QuoteIf you're listening to a rock star in order to get your information on who to vote for, you're a bigger moron than they are.Quote

QuoteIf you confine it, you're confining a whole thing. If you make it spontaneous, so that anything can happen, like we don't want to confine or restrict anything. What we can do, whatever we can let happen, you just let it happen.Quote

QuoteI'm 18 and I like it!Quote

QuoteI think he was trying to produce more of a... sort of a cheaper image.Quote

QuoteI appreciate an audience that reacts to the music, even if they jump on stage and try to beat us up, I think that's a fantastic reaction. I think that they're really hearing something then.Quote

QuoteHe (Marilyn Manson) has a woman's name and wears makeup. How original.Quote

QuoteDrinking bear is easy. Trashing your hotel room is easy. But being a Christian, that's a tough call. That's rebellion.Quote

QuoteAll I really wanted to do was make an album that was going to be just back to what I like to do... And it was a coincidence that these new bands, this new wave of bands, were doing Alice and Iggy rock.Quote