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Biography #2

Forsythe's impressive list of motion picture credits encompasses a wide dramatic range. He recently starred in several films, including Gotti for HBO, Row Your Boat with Jon Bon Jovi, Dollar for the Dead on TNT and Firestorm for 20th Century Fox. His 1993 performance in The Waterdance opposite Wesley Snipes garnered him an IFP/Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Forsythe's other feature film credits include The Rock, Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead, Virtuosity, American Me, Dick Tracy, Raising Arizona, Once Upon a Time in America and Palookaville, among others.

Forsythe just began production on the independent film Luck of the Draw with Dennis Hopper and is starring in Deuce for Disney with Rob Schneider.

Bio courtesy Columbia Pictures (01-Jan-2000)